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Welcome to Mungo Befestigungstechnik AG

Over more than 50 years Mungo has gained experience, technical know how and profound market knowledge. With these competences we are in a position to develop innovative and technically fully matured solutions. Creativity and innovation of our employees secure our market position in the future.
All those working with Mungo will enjoy the benefit of high quality products combined with expert advice from our field and in-house teams of sales and technical consultants, qualified engineers and product technicians. Whether you need anchor calculations for a complex project or on site recommendations including pull out tests - we work together with you to define and optimise fixing solutions.



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Our brand name

Attributes you can build on

The Mongoose, also known as a Mungo, inhabits South America, the Mediterranean coastline and Asia. This corresponds perfectly to Mungo’s international reputation. The Mungo is fast, mobile and resilient – similar characteristics to application friendliness, flexibility and maximum strength which distinguish our products. The need to discover new technologies and applications is our commitment to the future. Life as part of a community is natural for the Mungo, as it is for us being in constant contact with our customers, potential customers, colleagues and suppliers.

More than 50 years of success

Your construction project will benefit from our experience

Formed in 1968, Mungo has developed into a medium-sized enterprise with a worldwide customer base and has secured a firm position as a professional partner in the fastening industry. This is due to its consistent enhancements of its product range and the active expansion of its presence on the international market. Thanks to its innovations, Mungo will continue to shape the development of fastening technology well into the future.

Quality assurance is a core competence

Consistent processes create satisfied customers

In addition to outside monitoring, in-house test inspection equipment and laboratories ensure the reliability and quality of the products. Optical measuring during the production with statistical support (SPC) offers a reliable production process. When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. The certification body of Swiss Safety Center AG confirms that Mungo operates an appropriate management system meeting the requirements of the international standards for quality management and quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015.